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Please check your e-mails for the new newsletter in your inbox!!! NEW space, NEW floor, NEW exciting times ahead. Tuesday 16 June 2020 we begin classes!!!. Please come to class wearing EDS gear, jazz it up and tweek it any way you like....We are starting with a bang!!! 

We are moving forward

2020 Lets Go!


Its a new year...

2020 is our year to make exactly what we desire to happen, manifest! 

Lets approach this year with a fresh focus, set goals for yourself now that you want to work towards and achieve. The time is now to set new healthy habits in motion. 

Its the beginning of a new decade, so EDS we excited to announce some awesome changes to our timetable. Due to growth in numbers we have outgrown our space in Federal Str. So from the 11 February 2020 all classes will move to our space in Artgym. We are grateful this collaboration as it will enable us to facilitate more opportunities to work with Trainers who can help some of our seniors with injuries plus other exciting collaborations that will help us build safe dance practices that will aid our dancers bodies for years to come.

So all performance classes commence 11 February and yes its a Tuesday. Its more viable for us to go this way as we already had a class running on Tuesdays in the space.

So please check out the new timetable, just clique on Timetable



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